Business Services

Watford Express Laundry Center rents bar towels and shop rags. If you have dirty rags, let us come by and pick them up, clean them, and deliver them back to you.

Mop-group-picWe pick-up your dirty Dust & Mop heads: both dry and wet mops! We then thoroughly clean them and return them to you. When required, we even install them so you are ready to go again. Save your washers and dryers and let us REALLY clean your mops. Rental Options: We not only clean and service all kinds of mops, but we also lease and rent them. We are your one stop source for all your mop purchasing and cleaning needs.

We will pick up your floor mats – ANY SIZE – clean them, then return them to you in 24 hours! Businesses, Schools, Restaurants, Churches and Homes – Call us, we’ll come get your dirty mats and return them clean the very next day! A great way to keep your entrances clean and inviting for customers.

Need new mats for your high traffic areas? We have floor mats for sale in a variety of sizes and colors.

mat-coffeeOrder your custom floor mats at Watford Express Laundry Center – Customize your mats with your business name, logo, message or image printed directly on your mats. These high quality mats will endure heavy traffic, while displaying your business message. Our slip-resistant mats trap soil in the base, keeping it out of your customers’ paths and keeping your business MUCH cleaner! Environmentally Conscious: Most of the mats we offer are made from recycled materials! More jobs for Americans: Most of the mats we offer are made right here in the USA from recycled materials!